Russian lessons for foreigners


So, you are finally in Moscow! And now you understand that few people in the stores or on the bus speak English. For normal everyday communication with people you need to know the local language, which in this case is Russian. You ask yourself “where to learn Russian in Moscow?” It seems that anyone can pass on their knowledge to you, that it is enough to find a friend who understands you and will help you to practice Russian. Though there are several disadvantages to this:

  • Not everyone has a friend like that.
  • This should take time for both.
  • This is a time-consuming process and not everyone will have the time to help you.
  • A friend is not a teacher; they do not know the methods of teaching.
  • Just speaking without any studying can turn into waste of time.

Let’s just say that if you and a friend understand each other in English, then in 95% of your communication you will speak it, because it’s easier.

Language center UPGRADE offers classes of Russian for foreigners. We already have several groups with people who have taken the will in a fist and study a complex (at first glance) language. There is also the added advantage of working in groups with people with similar level to build confidence.

We can help you even if you only know a few words. We have informative and well-chosen textbooks that will help to get you only the necessary and most useful knowledge.

You will get a variety of interactive tasks; from the analysis of songs and movies to a conversation club.

Call us at +7(967)104-77-43 to will receive a free consultation.

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